Vocational Training For Teenage Mothers

•    To provide skilled training for orphans and school drop outs.
•    To equip the vocational training centre.
Problem statement:
In Kamwenge district, due to orphan hood and extreme poverty 35% of children who start school do not finish their seventh year at school. The majority of the drop-outs are girls. Because these girls have no skills for employment, they are forced into early marriages or practice prostitution, or get unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. They suffer sexual and physical abuse and domestic violence. They have no means of income or livelihood. It’s worse when they are pregnant and have young babies. They live in very unstable and vulnerable conditions.  The effect of HIV/AIDS impacts them most since they always the one s left behind to care for their siblings after the death of the parents. Most child headed families are girl-headed.
Targeting the girl child for vocational training provides help and support for the rest of the family. The girls are trained in skills like tailoring, knitting, design, tie and dye, computer training, bakery, small business management skills and agriculture. They are also trained In Christian living and abstinence to avoid the deadly HIV/AIDS. There are also orphaned boys who drop of school due to funds that can benefit from vocational skills like motor repair, carpentry, motor driving, and other cross cutting projects. This would enable them live a responsible life and also bring them near to God.
How to support:
Equipping the centre:
•    10 Sawing machine at a cost of $300.00 each.
•    2 design machines at a cost of $1200.00 each
•    5 knitting machines at a cost of $500.00 each
•    Training materials  for tie and die at a cost of $1000.00  per year
•    20 computers at $1000.00 or in kind.
•    Construction and equipping the bakery at  $1000.00
•    Car repair equipment $2000.00
•    Carpentry equipment $1500.00
•    Start-up pack for graduand $200.00 each graduand. 
Tuition fees
•    $360.00 each orphan per year.
How to donate:
o    $30.00 per month
o    $120.00 every after 4 months
o    $360.00 each year.