Mango Tree Kids

•    To construct an orphanage for bringing together the orphans, street children, needy and the abandoned children in one big Christian family
•    To provide basic needs and education support for 400 orphans
•    Provide support to 100 widows and child headed families for income generation.
Goal:   Constructing an orphanage centre at Kakinga - Kamwenge by the year 2010.
Problem statement
Kamwenge orphanage is an orphanage for children living in slum villages on the outskirts of Kamwenge town along Kabuga road whose parents died of HIV/AIDS and other natural causes and the kids were left helpless and vulnerable without any assistance. Some of these children live with single parents/widows in small rented rooms in poor living conditions without clear sources of income and livelihood. Some of their parents and caretakers earn a living from practicing prostitution. Others deal in selling local brew and fresh foods whereas others have no any source of income. The children sometimes go hungry without a day’s meal, let alone other basic needs like soap, clothing and health care. These families can not even afford meeting the children’s school needs such as books, pens, pencils and school uniforms for their education resulting into early school dropouts at the age of 9 years. The ultimate results from early school dropout make the children susceptible to early pregnancies, alcohol/ drug abuse and defilement, child labor, stealing and other crimes. Kids brought up under these circumstances end up being criminals and wrong doers in the community and end up having a miserable life. The project is operating in an area where 15% of school-going children are orphans.
Parents Concern took special interest in the suffering children and managed to single out a few poor and vulnerable ones whom we have placed in reasonable schools and foster homes. Our intention is to get as many as we can out of this dangerous environment and empower them for a better future that is responsible and God-loving.
Parents Concern meets these children often normally at the beginning of each term and the meeting place is under the Mango tree thus the famous name “mango tree kids”. The children are however visited at their respective schools to check on their progress and health. With the generous support of good Samaritans, during the festive seasons sometimes, a grand     get-together party is organized for the kids and their caretakers at the mango tree. During these events children eat, drink, sing and play games and Christmas gifts like clothes, toys and other goodies are given out to them. To some children it is the only gift they get to receive in such a year. This indeed is always a very exciting that they get to talk about for a long time. Ordinarily, the “mango tree kids” is an orphanage without structures. The children are attached to foster families who take care of them, feed them and provide accommodation.
What is being done.
Parents Concern mobilizes support from organizations, churches and individuals who get touched by the plight of orphans and other vulnerable children with special consideration to supporting the child headed families, children living with HIV/AIDS, children with mental and physical ailments, street children, child laborers, the neglected,  the needy and child mothers. They are carefully selected using a criterion tool and verification with local leaders including church leaders, elders, civil and political leaders.
 We have a large number of orphans on the waiting list for sponsorship and in urgent need for school fees, scholastic materials, clothes, school uniforms, shoes, blankets, mattresses and other basic needs. The basic needs of life for the orphans today are not optional but a right and are better alleviated when all the socio-economic spheres are addressed adequately. In their absence, there is a likelihood of negative cascading effects on personal and family life of the orphans, as well as the social and economic wellbeing of the country.
At the moment we are only providing exercise books, pens, pencils, playing materials, used clothes, love and comfort. As much as they are important but they are not a cure. We may achieve a significant impact if we targeted their parents and caretakers as well.
The significance of targeting this group is that, when the caretaker families are empowered to be economically independent with sustainable income, then the children will be able to receive better education, medical care, shelter, clothing and feeding. Providing relevant skills and knowledge in various respects like agriculture and business training, income generating activities such as poultry, piggery, running telephone booths, small restaurants and tea rooms, selling second hand clothes and selling food stuff, tailoring and design, tie & dye, cookery and simple accounting will enable them venture in related business opportunities and ultimate improvement of the overall welfare of the entire household.
Future plans
Parents Concern has an overall goal of constructing an orphanage centre at Kakyinga with an objective of bringing together the orphans, street children, needy and the abandoned children in one big Christian family. This will create opportunity for ensuring proper child growth, better parenting, psychological comfort and love. But most importantly it will provide an opportunity for bringing the kids closer to God. The children will have access to services like playing materials and equipments, education, medical care, clean water, counseling and career guidance, spiritual and emotional development. This orphanage will be a window of hope for the orphans.
To support a child.
Minimum cost of supporting a child per year.

Tuition          $40
Scholastic materials    $20
Uniform         $30
Food         $150
Medical care    $20
Basic needs/toiletries    $15
Shoes and other clothing    $25
Total per year         $300