About Us

Parents Concern for young people is an Indigenous, self-help, non profit, registered, Ugandan NGO which seeks to support, promote, empower and improve the lives of HIV/AIDS orphans and disadvantaged children by providing, foster homes, their basic and educational needs and training them in relevant vocational skills so that they may develop to be responsible people in their families and communities. Most of the children are orphaned by HIV/AIDS and some by armed internal conflict.

Our desire is to reach to all the children andthe youth with a message of hope amidst the AIDS and wars. The organization provides school sponsorship for their basic and educational needs, training in life skills and vocational skills which lead to employment and income generation. We work with parents, teachers, community, children/youth, government departments, faith based organizations and development partners to bring a positive impact on the youth and disadvantaged children. Every one is a stakeholder. You too can join us. Together we can make a difference in the lives of these young people. Let us give them a ray of hope for the future where there seems to be no hope.