Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 Our Vision: "an educated, healthy, HIV/AIDS free and God loving society in Uganda".
Priority projects of the month
Our Vision
Parents Concern envisages "an educated, healthy, HIV/AIDS free and God loving society in Uganda"
Our Mission
To provide support, education and skills to address HIV/AIDS and improve the general welfare of the young people, orphans and other valnarable children through a holistic aproach.
Our Values
+ Accountability
+ Credibility
+ Loyalty
+ Transparency
+ Voluntarism

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Parents Concern

1. Vocational training for teenage mothers

Targeting the girl child for vocational training provides help and support for the rest of the family. The girls are trained in skills like tailoring, knitting, design, tie and dye, computer training, bakery, small business management skills and agriculture. They are also trained In Christian living and abstinence to avoid the deadly HIV/AIDS. There are also orphaned boys who drop of school due to funds that can benefit from vocational skills like motor repair, carpentry, motor driving, and other cross cutting projects. This would enable them live a responsible life and also bring them near to God. Read More

2. Kamwenge Orphanage (Mango Tree Kids)

Kamwenge orphanage is an orphanage for children living in slum villages on the outskirts of Kamwenge town along Kabuga road whose parents died of HIV/AIDS and other natural causes and the kids were left helpless and vulnerable without any assistance. Some of these children live with single parents/widows in small rented rooms in poor living conditions without clear sources of income and livelihood. Some of their parents and caretakers earn a living from practicing prostitution. Read More

3. School Sponsership Project
This project tries to identify child headed homes, grandparent and sick parents headed homes, Children living with HIV/AIDS, for counseling and support. Some children stay alone in the family home and the older at the age of 9 years or even younger becomes the head of the household. These are the ones we call child-headed homes. The project identifies foster homes for the children when necessary. These children need the basic needs like clothing, blankets, shelter, food and other items...Read More

4. Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health
Funded by African Youth Alliance (AYA) As the children Parents Concern supports in school grow up, they reach the puberty age (13-19) when they need to know how to deal with the new body, social and emotional pressures that come with this phase of growing up. These young people need the correct information and advice as to how to handle issues like physical changes for both, menstruation for girls and wet dreams for boys... Read More

5.Kamwenge Orphans Vocational Centre
Education is expensive in Uganda. Even in the Primary school where education is officially free it has many invisible costs like purchase of school uniform, books, pens/pencils and other scholastic needs. Many orphans both supported by the project and those who are not may not afford to pay fees to college and University level. Many drop out of school due to lack of school requirements while others do not go to school at all. Parents Concern with support from the French Embassy in Uganda has constructed a Vocational school to provide tailoring skills to 100 children every year. Relevant skills can lead to employment, income generation, poverty reduction, empowerment and self esteem...Read More

6. Community Together Against AIDS
One reason AIDs has remained slippery and tricky is the way it is handled and the stigma that goes with it. The Hospitals and health centers for HIV/ AIDS testing and treatment are very limited. So in communities like Kamwenge district, where there is no single Hospital, women and the youth may not afford the transport fare needed to travel to the hospital...Read More

7. Integrated Child Care
This project addresses health care needs of children especially HIV/AIDS orphans , children living with HIV/AIDs and those affected by malaria...Read More

8 . Community HIV/AIDS Control Initiative
Funded by GTZ through Basic Health Services, Uganda AIDS Commission (UAD ), Kabarole District Local Government- Health Department
This project is to build capacity of communities to manage and mitigate HIV/AIDS related problems. It is a project funded by Uganda Aids Commission working with community based organisations to combat AIDS and its effects...Read More

9. Women empowerment and development
This project targets women and girls who have not benefited from much of formal basic education. The project will help to build capacity of women and girls out of school in strategic planning capacities and train them in vocational skills, which can lead to employment, self-esteem, and income generation eg tailoring, computer, simple trade skills, bakery, tie and dye making, knitting, beauty saloon, carpentry, crop and animal management, simple Accounts, nutrition, food processing and many others...Read More

10. Community Against Violence
Violence against women and children in homes is still a serious problem in Uganda. Women and children are buttered and beaten at will by husbands and fathers. What is disheartening is that the society looks on as if it is the most natural thing to do. Some times traditionally women themselves seem to expect a beating once in a while. There is a serious need for campaign to promote human rights and good governance, advocate for education for all especially the girl child and to research and advocate for the prevention of gender based and domestic violence against women and children...Read More

11. ABY project
This is a specific project promoting Absitinence, Being faithful and behavior change among the youth in school and out of school -15-19 years as a strategy for preventing and controlling HIV/AIDS. The project advocates for primary absitinence for the youth who are not yet sexually active and secondary absitinence for the youth who are already sexually active. Different messages are packaged according to the type of group one is handling... Read More

12. Education Support to orphans at Tooro high school.
Overview, the orphans’ education support project aims at providing quality and improved educational services tot improve the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children through provision of school fees and basic scholastic materials.... Read More

13. Child Mothers
This project mainly targets parenting teens/teenage mothers who are often left out in most programs because this category is normally discriminated against and treated as traitors in their families..... Read More `

14. Water for Life
Kamwenge has one of the highest incidences of water borne diseases in Uganda. The general population has minimal access to clean water. The average clean water coverage  is at 31%. Read More