Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 Our Vision: "an educated, healthy, HIV/AIDS free and God loving society in Uganda".
Priority projects of the month
Our Vision
Parents Concern envisages "an educated, healthy, HIV/AIDS free and God loving society in Uganda"
Our Mission
To provide support, education and skills to address HIV/AIDS and improve the general welfare of the young people, orphans and other valnarable children through a holistic aproach.
Our Values
+ Accountability
+ Credibility
+ Loyalty
+ Transparency
+ Voluntarism

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Parents Concern

Know more about Uganda and specifically our program area!

About Uganda

Uganda with a population of 24.4 million people is a beautiful country in East Africa which Sir Winston Churchill
rightly called the 'Pearl of Africa' . Uganda has a large young population with children below 18 years constituting 56%. Most people live in the rural areas with only 12% living in urban areas. Uganda has one of the highest population growth rates in the region of 3.3% with a fertility rate of 6.9. The country is bordered by Sudan on the North, Kenya on the East, Tanzania on the South, Rwanda on a small part of the South West and the large Democratic Republic of Congo on much of the West. Uganda is much known for the 2nd largest fresh water lake of Lake Victoria and for being the source of the River Nile. The Equator cuts Uganda in half giving it equatorial and tropical climates. But because Uganda is at a high altitude it has a very ideal warm climate.

As popularly put, Uganda is gifted by nature with beautiful hills and mountains, ever green forests, fresh water lakes and rivers, fertile soils and very friendly people. With this natural beauty tourism is a great earner of foreign exchange. Many National parks which, are endowed with a rich variety of sauna and fauna are well preserved across the country. Cash crops include cotton, coffee, tea and fruits. Uganda is endowed with many natural resources and minerals many of which have not yet been exploited.

In the midst of this beauty and glamour Uganda has had its share of problems. Internal armed conflict, HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty rates the country as just average in many ways. Uganda has excelled among the African countries in combating the AIDS scourge from 28% in 1998 t0 6.1% to date. This is no mean achievement. However the effects of the epidemic in terms of number of orphans and sick people left behind is overwhelming. Thank God that Government with support from development partners are working together to address the problems including Control of HIV/AIDS, the armed conflict in the north and poverty reduction. Different programs and projects are in place to address the different issues.

Parents Concern Project Area.

Parents Concern operates in the Rwenzori region in Western Uganda covering the 5 districts of Kabarole, Kamwenge, Kyenjojo, Kasese and Bundibugyo. These are the districts located on the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains popularly known as the "mountains of the moon". This region has many of the beautiful hills, rivers and crater lakes. 4 ever green National parks which include Kibaale in Kamwenge district, Semuliki in Bundibugyo district, Mt Rwenzori and Queen Elizabeth both in Kasese district. These National parks have a great variety of plants and animals. It is easy to find families of chimpanzees, monkeys and other smaller animals. They are not short of the larger animals like the lions, elephants, buffalos, bucks, cobs and warthogs. Birds and butterflies are a special feature.

However the people have been affected by both HIV/AIDS and armed conflict perpetuated by the guerilla force called ADF (Allied Democratic Forces). This has left a very large number of orphans -15% of the young population. Health services are poor and far in between. In some districts like Kamwenge and Kyenjojo there is no hospital at all. Attitude towards education is still negative in some rural areas. Early marriages, domestic violence, abuse of human rights are all still at large. Many children drop out of school due to poverty, pregnancy or search for employment. There are high levels of extreme poverty especially among the women and children who traditionally do not own property. There is a high level of unemployment due to limited vocational skill training. With constant mobilization, raising awareness and providing services/ support the people are hard working and have the potential of being healthy and rich.

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