Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 Our Vision: "an educated, healthy, HIV/AIDS free and God loving society in Uganda".
Priority projects of the month
Our Vision
Parents Concern envisages "an educated, healthy, HIV/AIDS free and God loving society in Uganda"
Our Mission
To provide support, education and skills to address HIV/AIDS and improve the general welfare of the young people, orphans and other valnarable children through a holistic aproach.
Our Values
+ Accountability
+ Credibility
+ Loyalty
+ Transparency
+ Voluntarism

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Parents Concern

You too can be part of us! You can support us and here is how!

* Organizations can support and fund some of our projects.
* You can contribute to the construction of a Clinic/ Hospital for HIV/AIDS patients.
* You can join and work with us on a short or long term basis as a Volunteer.
* You can tell other people about our work.
* You can provide or support a Foster home.
* You can commit us to God in Prayer.
* You can sponsor some orphans/ children for school/Basic needs.
* You can provide for the children in kind.
* You can make a donation- monthly, quarterly, annual or a one time donation.
* You can buy/ sell some of the items made at the Vocational centre by the orphans.
* You can contribute to the expansion of the.... Skills Vocational centre.


Parents Concern acknowledges the contributions of various institutions, individuals, organizations who in one way or another have made our Vision possible.

We would like to mention in particular Pathfinder International, PATH, Dr. Amusaa Inambao, Mr. Kibuuka Festus and Ms. Christine Semambo-Sempebwa who made the foundation contribution to the PCYP. We thank Miss. Tusiime Winfred , Mr. Tugumisirize Amminadab, Mr. Mehangye Henry and the entire Executive committee for their heated debates and fruitful deliberations.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all who have supported us in particular Pathfinder International, PATH, African Youth Alliance (AYA), Christians United -UK, CORE Initiatives, Uganda AIDS commission, GTZ, World Bank, Global Fund and the French Embassy in Uganda for their support for various projects. We thank the community in which we have worked especially in the Rwenzori region, for their participation and ownership of the different projects. Your support is invaluable.

We thank Retired Bishop Amos Betungura, the chairperson of the Board of Trusties (BOT) with other board members for his continued support and advice. He is a great inspiration to the organization.

Parents Concern extends its gratitude to the ever Parenting sentiments of Hon. Idah Mehangye (Founder/ President) and in a special way appreciates her encouragement. We thank her for her mobilization efforts to maintain good public relations. She is a great asset to the team.
We are grateful for Dr Kabagambe - Rugamba (Technical adviser) for the technical support as we handled the health issues of adolescent reproductive health and Malaria. His interest in our work makes him so endeared to us. Once again Parents Concern extends its gratitude to Hon. Idah Mehangye and in a special way appreciates her encouragement.

We are grateful to Tim Major and his wife Anne the Peace Corps from USA who have worked with us for 2 years as volunteers. Through them we thank Living Libraries who sent us 25,000 books to distribute to schools. Still through them we thank the Rotary Club of Minnesota which raised the money for shipping the books. In a special way we thank the USA Embassy in Uganda for giving us Tim and Anne and for providing for them while they are with us. They are such a great help to us.

Thanks to Rodgers, Esta and the members of staff for developing and setting up this website.

We shall, with your support, always remain Concerned for the Future!