Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 Our Vision: "an educated, healthy, HIV/AIDS free and God loving society in Uganda".
Priority projects of the month
Our Vision
Parents Concern envisages "an educated, healthy, HIV/AIDS free and God loving society in Uganda"
Our Mission
To provide support, education and skills to address HIV/AIDS and improve the general welfare of the young people, orphans and other valnarable children through a holistic aproach.
Our Values
+ Accountability
+ Credibility
+ Loyalty
+ Transparency
+ Voluntarism

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Parents Concern


(Funded by African Youth Alliance (AYA)
This was carried out under the Caring Shwenkazi-Shwento project -CASS 2001-2004.
As the children Parents Concern supports in school grow up they reach the puberty age (13-19) when they need to know how to deal with the new body, social and emotional pressures that come with this phase of growing up. These young people need the correct information and advice as to how to handle issues like physical changes for both, menstruation for girls and wet dreams for boys. In the past traditionally uncles and aunties handled the subject of traditional sexuality education. It was not the primary role of the parent. But society is different now. Families have separated in search of education, employment opportunities, and social fulfillment. The uncles and aunties do not live in the same village any more.

So parents, teachers, religious leaders and the general community are encouraged to take up the sexuality education role. It is much more important now during the AIDS era, than ever before. Children experience Peer pressure, get information from TV, internet and other media. If parents do not educate their children the children will get information and influence from other sources, which can be regrettable later. If parents are shy to talk about sex , AIDS is not shy. Girls will get unwanted and unplanned pregnancies, get infected by STIS and, HIV/AIDS. Boys will not escape the infections. So this project uses different strategies to train the youth in skills to avoid early sexual activity. The ABC strategy has been adopted with emphasis on Abstinence and Be faithful- behaviour change.

Promote behaviour change through training in life planning skills and safer sex practices including Abstinence.

To carry on the project of, improving Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health ASRH. Including reducing incidences of HIV/AIDS, STIs and Teen- age pregnancies. (Teen-age pregnancy stands at 31%).

Facilitate Parent-child communication for behavior change communication (BCC), the Caring Shwenkazi-Shwento (CASS) project. Parents Concern has already developed a Manual on Parent- Child Communication Curriculum . but was unable to publish it due to lack of funds.

Mobilize, train and equip community facilitators on prevention of HIV/AIDS - Community child concept. This is an old tradition where every adult in the community was responsible for the welfare of the younger generation. Parents Concern would like to re-activate it. It was a good practice.

Advocacy for Youth friendly homes, schools and communities - religious leaders, cultural leaders and policy makers need to be targeted for this.

Build capacity of teachers and Parents in communication skills and information. The project also Provides counseling, home care and support for people living with AIDS (PLWA), provide safety homes/ foster parents to the homeless children/ orphans and Help orphans and vulnerable children to grow in a God fearing and responsible people in society.

Identify, mobilize and support Parenting Teens for alternative income projects. It is difficult getting the teenagers who have babies and are living in abusive relationships unless there is an alternative option for their survival with their babies or pregnancy. So we train them in vocational skills and provide them with start-up parks so that they can earn income, manage on their own and enjoy self- esteem.

Provide Recreational materials to youth in school and Vocational skills for the youth out of school to keep them busy, and therefore avoid risky behaviors.

Train and use drama/theatre groups to disseminate information on AIDS, drug abuse and Teen- age pregnancies.